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ATS, with its technical collaborations, can offer offshore Development/Support centers with the advantages of:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Resource Availability
By combining the best IT consulting expertise in the US with advanced offshore software development practices in India/Singapore, we deliver cost effective technology solutions to companies worldwide. Our company has the services, methodology, software development skills and experience to help your offshore initiatives succeed.

Companies outsource their IT operations because they gain by:

  • Handing off what could be a complex, non-core skill (IT) to experts such as ATS. - meaning, the company would be able to access a deeper and wider range of IT skills.
  • Lowering costs because companies like ATS would be able to deliver the same, if not better, value that the company could if it managed its IT operations in-house.
The globalized economy is increasingly defined by two distinct elements:
  • A hyper-competitive business environment
  • An endless stream of technology innovations
This has placed a dual challenge on businesses in the form of competing in the marketplace with enhanced value offerings as well as maintaining & supporting its existing and future technology investments.
Technology initiatives with either an enterprise-wide or customer-focused scope are inherently complex and effort, time, and knowledge intensive. These require specialized skills to innovate and stay abreast of latest technology trends while continually moving up the technology value chain.

Our Services:

  • Dedicated facility and dedicated team
  • Dedicated hardware and software infrastructure
  • High speed communication equipment
  • Can be done for a fixed period of time
  • Access to a large and diverse pool of expertise enabling quick ramp up
  • High quality software process
  • Time zone advantage
  • Dedicated software team with long-term focus

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