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Our Clients

For the past 10 years, we have built an impressive portfolio of clients who have benefited from Acumen's objective assessment tools. With offices in different countries, our international perspective and network of support ensures that our clients receive the best possible service from Acumen.

Our clients span both the corporate sector in diverse industries, such as finance, telecommunications, IT, manufacturing, healthcare, leisure and travel, and also public organisations including government.

As an Acumen client . . .

You'll deliver value to your business. We'll help you minimise risk and maximise your investment in people by working with you through the different stages of the employee lifecycle.

You'll improve the quality of your decisions.

Not only will you gain cost and time savings in your assessment process, you'll improve the quality of the decisions you take on the people you move through to the next stage.

You'll have access to expert support.
You'll have access to our teams of expert consultants, client service and customer support teams. Their mission is to understand your issues and requirements and ensure you achieve the most value from your relationship with Acumen.

You'll have every option. s requirements. No matter what the size of your business, Aumen offers a variety of options from off-the-shelf products to solutions tailored entirely to your own business. You can also take advantage of our delivery methods, which range from bureau services and plug-in solutions, to easily integrated systems and individually tailored systems.

You'll be at the cutting-edge of innovation.
Acumen leads the field in innovation and you'll benefit from our program of initiatives around new products and services, thought leadership, and new technology developments.
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